Medline: 463863

American Journal of Epidemiology 110(1): 47-51, 1979.

Cancer of the corpus uteri: increasing incidence in the United States, 1970-1975.

Walker AM, Jick H


Regional and temporal variations in the incidence of cancer of the corpus uteri in the US during 1970-1975 were studied. During this period, rates for women aged 50-59 yr increased 81%, from 72 to 130 cases per 100,000 woman-yr at risk (WYAR). Rates for women aged 60-69 yr rose 5%, from 82 to 129/100,000 WYAR, and rates for women aged greater than or equal to 70 yr increased 53%, from 45 to 53/100,000 WYAR. Despite considerable variations in incidence during the study period, the rate for women aged 40-49 yr was 31/100,000 WYAR at the beginning and end of the period. Regional variations were greatest among women aged greater than or equal to 50 yr, especially those aged 60-69 yr. The peak incidence in the West (190/100,000) was three times that in the Northeast, which had the lowest incidence for women aged 60-69 yr. The age of peak incidence tended to be higher in the areas of higher risk. All rates were corrected for the numbers of women in each region and age group with intact uteri. (16 Refs)

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