Medline: 10640964

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Osteosarcomas of flat bones in adolescents and adults.

Duffaud F, Digue L, Baciuchka-Palmaro M, et al.


Osteosarcomas typically are long bone tumors and rarely affect the flat bones of the axial or appendicular skeleton.

The authors examined cases of high grade osteosarcoma of flat bones diagnosed at La Timone Adults University Hospital during a 16-year period.

Sixteen patients with flat bone osteosarcomas were treated between 1980-1997. The median age of the patients was 25 years, with a male-to-female ratio of 14:2. Common presenting symptoms were swelling, pain, or both. Primary therapy included resection (n = 11 patients: alone in 8 patients and with radiation therapy in 3 patients), radiation therapy (n = 2 patients), or no local treatment (n = 3 patients). All patients received polychemotherapy, 7 preoperatively and postoperatively and 9 in the adjuvant setting. The overall 5-year survival rate was 47.7%; the overall median survival was 39 months (range, 4-211 months). The adequate local control rate was 68.7%. The local recurrence rate in patients who benefited from local treatment was 54%. Significant adverse prognostic factors on survival included the presence of synchronous metastases (three patients), metastases at any time during the course of the disease (eight patients), and inadequate local control (five patients). The overriding predictor of survival appeared to be the presence of metastases. Local recurrence appeared to have no influence on survival. No patient with metastases was alive at 3 years, whereas patients without recurrence or with local recurrence alone had a 5-year survival rate of 100%. Because the majority of patients with flat bone osteosarcomas ultimately die of metastatic disease, intensive systematic polychemotherapy should be an important component of treating these tumors.

Based on the very encouraging results observed in the treatment of long bone osteosarcomas, the therapy for flat bone osteosarcomas should combine radical surgery with preoperative and postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy. Copyright 2000 American Cancer Society.

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