family medical history

Pronunciation:(FA-mih-lee MEH-dih-kul HIH-stuh-ree)

Definition: A record of the relationships among family members along with their medical histories. This includes current and past illnesses. A family medical history may show a pattern of certain diseases in a family. Also called family history.Cancer.govPatient

Definition: The genetic relationships within a family combined with the medical history of individual family members. When represented in diagram form using standardized symbols and terminology, it is usually referred to as a pedigree or family tree. Also called family history.GeneticsHealth professional

antecedentes médicos familiaresRegistro de las relaciones entre los miembros de una familia junto con sus antecedentes médicos. Los antecedentes médicos familiares pueden mostrar las características de ciertas enfermedades en una familia. También se llama antecedentes familiares.Cancer.govPatient2009-05-28 Date last modified: 2009-05-19Family HistoryHistorial familiar