germline DNA

Pronunciation:(JERM-line ...)

Definition: The DNA in germ cells (egg and sperm cells that join to form an embryo). Germline DNA is the source of DNA for all other cells in the body. Also called constitutional DNA.Cancer.govPatient

Definition: Germline DNA refers to tissue derived from reproductive cells (egg or sperm) that become incorporated into the DNA of every cell in the body of the offspring. A germline mutation may be passed from parent to offspring. Also called constitutional DNA.GeneticsHealth professional

línea germinal del ADNEl ADN en las células germinativas (óvulos y espermatozoides que se unen para formar un embrión). La línea germinal del ADN es la fuente de ADN para todas las otras células del cuerpo. También se llama ADN estructural.Cancer.govPatient2007-11-06