sporadic cancer

Pronunciation:(spuh-RA-dik KAN-ser)

Definition: Cancer that occurs in people who do not have a family history of that cancer or an inherited change in their DNA that would increase their risk for that cancer.Cancer.govPatient

Definition: This term has two meanings. It is sometimes used to differentiate cancers occurring in people who do not have a germline mutation that confers increased susceptibility to cancer from cancers occurring in people who are known to carry a mutation. Cancer developing in people who do not carry a high-risk mutation is referred to as sporadic cancer. The distinction is not absolute, because genetic background may influence the likelihood of cancer even in the absence of a specific predisposing mutation. Alternatively, sporadic is also sometimes used to describe cancer occurring in individuals without a family history of cancer.GeneticsHealth professional

cáncer esporádicoCáncer que se presenta en personas que no tienen antecedentes familiares de ese cáncer ni un cambio heredado en el ADN que aumentaría el riesgo de padecer de ese cáncer.Cancer.govPatient2003-10-03