Definition: A short sequence of DNA, usually 1 to 4 basepairs (a unit of DNA), that is repeated together in a row along the DNA molecule. There is variation from person to person in the number of repeats. There are hundreds of places in human DNA that contain microsatellites.Cancer.govPatient

Definition: Repetitive segments of DNA scattered throughout the genome in noncoding regions between genes or within genes (introns). They are often used as markers for linkage analysis because of their naturally occurring high variability in repeat number between individuals. These regions are inherently genetically unstable and susceptible to mutations.GeneticsHealth professional

microsatéliteSecuencia corta de ADN, generalmente de 1 a 4 pares de bases (una unidad de ADN), que se repiten juntas en una fila a lo largo de la molécula de ADN. Existe una variación del número de repeticiones de persona a persona. Hay cientos de lugares en el ADN humano que contienen microsatélites.Cancer.govPatient2003-02-21 Date last modified: 2007-02-13MicrosatelliteMicrosatélite