genetic counseling

Pronunciation:(jeh-NEH-tik KOWN-suh-ling)

Definition: A communication process between a specially trained health professional and a person concerned about the genetic risk of disease. The person's family and personal medical history may be discussed, and counseling may lead to genetic testing.Cancer.govPatient

Definition: A communication process that seeks to assist affected or at-risk individuals and families in understanding the natural history, disease risks, and mode of transmission of a genetic disorder; to facilitate informed consent for genetic testing when appropriate; to discuss options for risk management and family planning; and to provide for or refer individuals for psychosocial support as needed.GeneticsHealth professional

orientación genéticaProceso de comunicación entre un profesional de la salud especialmente capacitado y una persona preocupada por el riesgo genético de enfermedad. Se pueden discutir los antecedentes familiares y personales del individuo y la orientación puede llevar a realizar una prueba genética.Cancer.govPatient Date last modified: 2007-04-19Cancer Genetics Risk Assessment and CounselingGenetic CounselingConsejo genético