informed consent

Pronunciation:(in-FORMD kun-SENT)

Definition: A process in which patients are given important information, including possible risks and benefits, about a medical procedure or treatment, genetic testing, or a clinical trial. This is to help them decide if they want to be treated, tested, or take part in the trial. Patients are also given any new information that might affect their decision to continue. Also called consent process.Cancer.govPatient

Definition: A process of information exchange between a clinician and an individual or their legal proxy designed to facilitate autonomous, informed decision making. The informed consent process for genetic testing should include an explanation of the medical and psychosocial risks, benefits, limitations, and potential implications of genetic analysis, a discussion of privacy, confidentiality, the documentation and handling of genetic test results, as well as options for managing the hereditary disease risk. Also called consent process.GeneticsHealth professional

consentimiento informadoProceso en el que se proporciona a los pacientes información importante, como los riesgos y beneficios posibles de un procedimiento o tratamiento médico, una prueba genética o un ensayo clínico. Esto se hace para ayudar a los pacientes a decidir si se quieren someter a tratamientos o pruebas, o participar en un ensayo clínico. Los pacientes también reciben cualquier información nueva que pudiera afectar su decisión de continuar. También se llama proceso de consentimiento.Cancer.govPatient Date last modified: 2018-01-31