distal pancreatectomy

Pronunciation:(DIS-tul PAN-kree-uh-TEK-toh-mee)

Definition: Surgery to remove the body and the tail of the pancreas. The spleen may also be removed. A distal pancreatectomy is usually done to remove benign (not cancer) or malignant (cancer) pancreatic tumors found in the body or tail of the pancreas, but it may also be done to treat chronic pancreatitis and injuries to the pancreas.Cancer.govPatient

Anatomy of the pancreas. The pancreas has three areas: head, body, and tail. It is found in the abdomen near the stomach, intestines, and other organs. pancreatectomía distalExtirpación del cuerpo y la cola del páncreas.Cancer.govPatient Date last modified: 2018-06-04