‘The Laboratory for Experimental Epileptology is focused on understanding elementary integrative properties of neurons, and their disease-associated plasticity’

We are pursuing the following main goals related to information processing in neurons:

  • To elucidate how individual neurons integrate excitatory inputs.

  • To understand the role of intrinsic neuronal properties and voltage-gated ion channels in this process.

  • To understand the role of local GABAergic inhibition in this process, and to examine the underlying elementary inhibitory microcircuits.


A major focus of the laboratory is to understand changes in these properties in chronic epilepsy:

  • To identify changes in intrinsic properties of neurons, and the molecular basis of underlying changes in voltage-gated currents.

  • How intrinsic plasticity affects elementary integrative properties of neurons.

  • How neuronal microcircuitry is altered in epilepsy.

  • How intrinsic changes in neurons contribute to the development of pharmacoresistance in epilepsy patients.

We are also involved in SFB1089 and Bigs Neuroscience.